L'Illa Diagonal Shopping Centre

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L'Illa Diagonal Shopping Centre

Inaugurated in 1993, the large L’Illa Diagonal complex soon became an emblematic shopping centre, highly appreciated both for its architectural style in the form of a fallen skyscraper inspired by the Rockefeller Center in New York, and for the level of service that it offers. With its 334-metre façade overlooking Avinguda Diagonal, it attracts clients from all over the city and the metropolitan area.

An ambitious project

Located right at the heart of Avinguda Diagonal, on the border between the districts of Les Corts and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, we find Barcelona’s oldest shopping centre: L’Illa Diagonal, The centre covers an area of 35,000 square metres and has more than 170 shops and restaurants., The crowds have flocked to L’Illa Diagonal ever since it was inaugurated on 1 December 1993 and it has managed to attract customers not just from the surrounding area, but from all over the city. It has positioned itself as one of commercial spaces offering the highest quality of products and services.

Plans were first unveiled in 1990 for a centre on a 56,000 square metres urban site that occupied an entire block within the neighbourhood of les Corts. The size of the project led it to being called a Supermanzana or Superblock.

Designed by the architects Rafael Moneo and Manuel de Solà-Morales, the building has a peculiar style in the form of a horizontal skyscraper that seems to be lying on its side next to the Diagonal.

Where you can find all that you need

L’Illa Diagonal was the city’s first shopping centre to include a wide variety of shops and restaurants, as well as an hotel, offices and municipal facilities, and it quickly became a model of reference for all the new spaces of this kind that were subsequently inaugurated in Barcelona.

Following the latest reforms in 2006, L’Illa Diagonal increased its surface area by a further 4,000 square metres and a number of new shops and a large new hotel were opened.

There is nothing you will not find at L’Illa Diagonal, and the offer goes way beyond the shops and restaurants, since the complex also includes a sports complex, a conventions centre, a public park and even a discotheque with its own concert hall.


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