Nova Mar Bella Beach

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Nova Mar Bella Beach

Mainly used by women and young people, this is an ideal beach for spending a day by the sea in the sun, in a relaxed atmosphere, without having to leave Barcelona to enjoy some summer peace.

The calm neighbour

Along with Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella is one of the beaches created when Barcelona reclaimed its seafront with the urban regeneration around the Olympics.

“Marbella” is the name given to land reclaimed from the sea, today the site of the fisherman's neighbourhood of Barceloneta. This meaning explains the names of two nearby beaches next to each other, Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella.

Nova Mar Bella is the favourite beach of women(who make up 60 per cent of its users) and young people. Along with Mar Bella, it is one of the beaches most frequented by Sant Martí residents, probably because it is quiet.

Easily accessible for everyone

This is an ideal beach for people with disabilities or reduced mobility thanks to the wooden boards that cross the sand to the sea. There is also a team of volunteers who can help people into the water, if necessary, with a hoist. But you need to request this service beforehand at the information centre on the beach and be accompanied by an adult.


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