GoCar vehicles

More alternative forms of mobility

Moving around Barcelona on alternative forms of transport is quite an experience. They are original, fun and they offer a perspective of the city that travellers are not usually aware of. There are various options: motorised, non-motorised, with driver, without... Whatever your choice, they always guarantee adventure. They are very popular with tourists, but also with locals, who also use them for group activities. It is more and more common to see lines of yellow cars, GoCars, driving around the city centre.

The drivers of these two-seaters not only have a good time, but they also get a full guided tour, by using the onboard talking computers. GoCars follow two basic routes: one is centred around the upper part of the city while the other goes around the Gòtic and Raval neighbourhoods, before ending in Montjuïc. But people can customise their own routes. In addition to these modern cars, there are also the well-known Trixis: tricycles with a driver, which offer a taxi service over short distances.

An alternative view of the city  •	If you travel by GoCar, the speed limit is 45 kph. •	Trixis can be stopped on the street, in the same way as taxis. •	You can also discover the city from the air.