Since 1963, the fair has organised all kinds of fun activities that foster values such as civic behaviour, culture, healthy eating and respect for animals and the environment.

The 50th edition was held in 2013 in the Fira de Barcelona, spread over a surface area of 43,000 square metres.There were over 96,000 visitors (children and adults) who were able to enjoy more than a hundred different activities.

Entering a mysterious forest, joining the crew of a pirate ship, being a fire-fighter or a police officer for a day, scaling a climbing wall, taking part in handicraft workshops. These are just some of the many things you can do at this children and young people's entertainment event, one of the most traditional fairs in Catalonia.

The music shows are also popular with the festival's family audience. Every day, various Catalan hip-hop, blues, folk, pop and rock groups get on stage so that thousands of children and teenagers can enjoy their first live concert.

Fira de Barcelona