Barcelona is innovation

  • Mobile Week BCN

    Mobile Week BCN is a space for reflection on mobile technology, featuring free cultural, scientific and creative activities open to everyone.

  • GSMA Mobile World Congress

    This is the most important mobile technology fair in the world, where the latest innovations from the big companies are put on show and conferences are held.


    A participatory process for citizens to set out priority areas of action for municipal government.
  • Sònar+D

    Sònar+D is an international congress pondering the relationship between creativity and technology and the digital transformation of the cultural industries involved.
  • Mobile World Capital

    Barcelona will be the world mobile capital until 2018. This means organising the Mobile World Congress every year and being a world leader in this technology.

  • Beyond Building Barcelona

    Beyond Building Barcelona - Construmat is a biannual fair which aims to act as a hub for international relations between professionals in the construction industry.
  • BIT

    The Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote economic, social and urban-planning innovation in Barcelona and respond to the new challenges facing the city.
  • Mobile World Congress
  • Mobile World Capital
  • Barcelona is the number one smart city in Spain, ranked fourth in Europe, and leads the way in transforming quality of life, safety and equality.

  • In southern Europe the Catalan capital leads the way in adopting ICTs and it has one of the highest ICT penetration rates in homes and businesses.

  • Barcelona is home to the Mare Nostrum supercomputer, one of the most important research infrastructures in Europe.

  • Open Data Barcelona is at the forefront of open data. There are currently around 300 data sets on the city.

  • Barcelona is committed to developing mobile applications to improve people's quality of life.

  • World Mobile Capital, Barcelona is a global benchmark in the application of mobile technologies to improve quality of life.

  • Barcelona is committed to electric vehicles and is the testing ground for various initiatives like the "LIVE" project.

Barcelona ranks as the 13th most innovative city in the world and 5th in Europe. Source: Innovation CitiesTM Index, 2thinknow.
  • Barcelona Urban Lab

    Barcelona Urban Lab

    This is an initiative to make Barcelona a testing ground for innovative solutions for companies in areas like urban development, mobility and transport.

  • Open Data

    Open Data Barcelona

    Barcelona makes information from City Hall and the city itself available to users as open data.

  • Live - Vehicle Electric

    LIVE: electric vehicle

    A public-private platform for promoting electric mobility and natural-gas-powered vehicles

  • Cibernarium Barcelona


    This is one of Barcelona Activa's technological training and information programmes aimed at professionals and companies.

  • Barcelona City Council E-Headquarters

    Barcelona City Council E-Headquarters

    This is a virtual office that provides Barcelona citizens with information, online services and the City Council's electronic procedures, for example, the Official Bulletin or the e-Registry.

  • Procedures portal

    Virtual Procedures Office

    The Barcelona City Council virtual procedures office lets you carry out lots of municipal procedures from home or download the documents you need for doing it in person.

  • BIT Habitat 

    This organisation promotes initiatives aimed at building a more sustainable city and improving the quality of life of people who live there.