Barcelona is quality of life

  • Barcelona's neighbourhoods

    There are lots of neighbourhoods to explore in Barcelona and in each one there is something to do, to visit and to enjoy: iconic buildings, markets, parks, treasures of the old city and so on. Here you will find the sights to see, listed neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

  • Barcelona's beaches

    Barcelona faces the sea, with nearly five kilometres of beaches from Sant Sebastià to Llevant. They are all equipped with services for bathers and on most of them you will find areas for sport, ranging from table tennis to volleyball.

  • Local commerce

    The city has a wide range of commerce around all the city's neighbourhoods.Find out more about them!

  • Public transport

    Getting around on public transport is one of the best waysto discover every corner of Barcelona.

  • Parc de Collserola

    This is the city's green lung, a privileged location within easy reach of Barcelona's residents. More than 8,000 hectares of natural space dominated by woodland areas that are characterised by a rich biological diversity.

  • The weather in Barcelona

    Barcelona's Mediterranean climate is very stable, with hardly any sudden changes. The winters are mild and autumn is the wettest season. The summers are hot, with temperatures rising to as much as 35º, while the proximity of the sea means the atmosphere is humid. To find out what the weather is going to be like, there is one essential website.

  • Barcelona's green spaces

    You can enjoy a large variety of green spaces, parks and gardens in the city, such as Parc de la Ciutadella, Park Güell and Parc del Laberint d’Horta.

  • Walks round Barcelona

    The city offers hundreds of possibilities for getting round on foot and there is a website where you will find routes ranging in length from 700 metres to 15 kilometres.

  • Sport in Barcelona

    The Barcelona Sports Institute's website has news and information on sport for those who want to do some and those who prefer to enjoy it from the stands.

  • Barcelona's neighbourhoods
  • Platges de Barcelona
  • Collserola
  • El temps a Barcelona
  • Espais verds de Barcelona
  • Caminades per Barcelona
  • Barcelona Esports
  • Its mild climate means Barcelona is one of the European cities with the best quality of life.

  • Barcelona has a high quality education system, from nursery schools to universities and higher education.

  • Barcelona's beaches are very safe, the sea is usually calm and the water temperature means you can bathe from spring to autumn.

  • The people in Barcelona are big sports enthusiasts. And here you can do sport either outdoors or in the numerous sports centres spread around the city's neighbourhoods.

  • If you want to get to know Barcelona, you need to visit its neighbourhoods, its streets and get close to its people.

  • The Catalan capital is ranked among the best cities in the world for quality of life, safety and equality.

  • The city has good healthcare and medical services, both public and private.

  • Barcelona has big green spaces, including its urban and hill parks.

  • Creative, good quality and healthy are words that describe the city's cuisine, which is based on the Mediterranean diet.

  • Sanitat i salut

    Health and healthcare in Barcelona

    All the information you need on health issues is included in a very useful website that shows you all the city's health centres and the services they offer.

  • Serveis Socials BCN

    Barcelona's social services

    There is a website containing all the information on Barcelona's social services.

  • Troba’t B

    Troba’t B

    This programme gives you ideas for free sport in Barcelona to keep you healthy.

  • Sports circuits round Barcelona

    Sports circuits round Barcelona

    Suggested routes for running or walking round the city while doing some sport.

  • Measures against Covid-19

    Full information on Covid-19’s effects in Barcelona.


  • Activa’t


    This is a physical exercise and health programme held n Barcelona's parks and gardens.

  • Gymnastic and recreational Circuits

    This is a free service that offers everyone the opportunity to do sport at any time of the day.

  • Tibidabo

    Tibidabo Amusement Park

    Tibidabo is a magical place and landmark in Barcelona. It is a constantly evolving Centennial Park which hosts more than 25 attractions for all ages, shows and entertainment front which makes traveling the route of attraction attraction in a show over the

  • Barcelona, una ciutat mediterrània per gaudir-ne

Barcelona, the 4th most important city associated with sport. Barcelona is to have a further 165 hectares of greenery from now to 2030. We are building a sustainable and friendly city of the future here.