Shrine of Sant Josep de la Muntanya

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Shrine of Sant Josep de la Muntanya

In 1895, the first stone was laid for this enormous sanctuary devoted to sheltering orphaned children in the Salut neighbourhood. The temple was built by Francesc Berenguer, and each year it is visited by thousands of pilgrims. It currently houses a centre for minors who are at risk of being socially excluded, and it continues the work begun by Blessed Petra de San José, who was the driving force behind the temple.

A haven for the homeless and for orphaned children

The construction of the Sant Josep de la Muntanya sanctuary was promoted by the Congregation of Madres de los Desamparados y San José de la Montaña. The remarkable stone structure was built between 1895 and 1902 inspired by the Romanesque style and in keeping with the historicist trend of the period.

The complex comprises three elements: the church, the orphanage and the residence, and all three are accessed via a double staircase that leads to a broad veranda above street level.

Petra de San José

Blessed Petra de San José, founder of the congregation and promoter of this and many other centres all over the country, died in the chapel of the sanctuary in 1906. Originally from Malaga, this nun dedicated her life to the building of hospitals and homes for the poor, always respecting the strict guidelines prescribed by her congregation. Today, the complex includes a centre that belongs to the Federation of Institutions offering Care and Education to Children and Adolescents (FEDAIA).


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