Casa Convalescència (UAB)

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Casa Convalescència (UAB)

Casa Convalescència is both impressive and welcoming at the same time. Designed in the late 19th century by the architect Pere Domènech i Roura, it is a perfect example of the Catalan Modernista style and this has seen it recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It currently serves as a study centre for the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and it is also the headquarters of the UAB Foundation.

Philanthropic origins

Casa Convalescència is a monumental building within the iconic Hospital de Santa Creu i Sant Pau complex that was built in the late 19th century to provide better medical care in Barcelona. The architect Pere Domènech i Roura designed this architectural gem in distinctive Modernista style using natural stone columns and capitals, ceramic tile murals illustrating the history of the building and vaulted brick ceilings, together with many other elements.

A combination of past and present

Casa Convalescència is a Historical Artistic Monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since the late sixties, it has been a part of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and houses another education centre and the UAB Foundation headquarters.

It was renovated in 1999 by the architectural firm Tusquets-Díaz & Asociados and now combines tradition and technology with a commitment to sustainability.

Casa Convalescència is a bustling, cosmopolitan venue that provides restaurant services, rooms and equipment for meetings and events, an assembly hall and a delightful garden, making it an ideal setting for this venerable building.


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