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Llars Mundet

Llars Mundet is spread over nearly 14 hectares, six of them in woodland, in the Montbau neighbourhood and is very close to the Parc del Laberint in Horta. Apart from the university complex, the site includes care facilities for the elderly, sports centres for people with disabilities and schools for young children.

A tradition of philanthropy

The Llars Anna Gironella de Mundet, popularly known as Llars Mundet, were set up in 1954, when the businessman Artur Mundet took charge of building a place to care for orphans, elderly people, the sick and others in need in the Horta-Guinardó district, to replace the old Casa de la Caritat , which had served that purpose in Raval up to that point, but had become outdated.

With its tradition of public service, the current Llars Mundet complex comes under the Barcelona Provincial Council and includes care centres for the elderly, a sports facility run by the Catalan Federation for the Mentally Ill and a school service, as well as the Psychology and Pedagogy faculties of the University of Barcelona.

Multipurpose site

Surrounded by  greenery and nature, the site covers 14 hectares, six of them in woodland, with the typical flora of the Collserola range. Thousands of people walk round it every day: university students, children going to school, old people and others who just want to visit one of the largest and most complete sites in the city that has been entirely devoted  to its citizens for more than 50 years.


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