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Mercat d’Horta

With a history going back to 1886, when a start was made on erecting 26 stalls in Plaça d’Eivissa, Horta Market has for years been a focal point for the neighbourhood's shops and businesses. Its expansion and transformation into a covered market have not altered the close relationship between the traders and their customers, nor stopped them selling quality produce at a fair price.

Retail culture

The retail trade in Horta, as in other parts of the city, is fully integrated into the social and cultural life of the neighbourhood. Proof of this is the iconic market, which everyday supplies homes in nearby neighbourhoods as well as others further afield.

Horta Market was inaugurated in 1951, when a covered building was constructed to house it on Carrer del Tajo, where it still stands today. Despite that, the market's commercial origins in the neighbourhood go back much further, because there were some small stalls in the nearby Plaça d'Eivissa, then known as Market Square, in 1886.

Old values maintained

The stalls with a family tradition still maintain and value the personal treatment, and that is one of the more noticeable things about Horta Market, along with its quality handmade produce.

As a fresh food market, it sells meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy produce and so on. But there are also bars where you can have breakfast, and stalls where you can buy other things such as clothes, shoes and lots more. The wide range of products is available to locals and everyone else in Barcelona, because tradition and the market's good location mean people come here from all over. What's more, as a member of the Cor d’Horta i Mercat Federation, the market forms part of a very active shopping hub.


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