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Mundet Campus (UB)

The Mundet Campus is located on the site of the former Llars Mundet orphaned children’s residence, in the middle of a lush six-hectare forest. The campus is steeped in history and is home to the University of Barcelona’s Psychology, Education and Pedagogy faculties. It also features some of the city’s most important sports, social and cultural facilities.

A university in a beautiful outdoor setting

In 1995, the University of Barcelona (UB) expanded its operations by transferring several Diagonal Campus faculties to the Mundet Campus in the Montbau neighbourhood. The new campus was located in buildings that used to house the Anna Gironella de Mundet Home, more commonly known as Llars Mundet, which had provided care and services to the needy and to orphaned children since 1954. As the new academic facilitiesoccupy an area of 14 hectares in the Collserola hills - six of which are unspoiled woodland - the university has become a place that embraces nature.

Instilling values

The Mundet Campus specialises in the areas of Education, Psychology and Pedagogy and accommodates over 10,000 users every day, including students, faculty members and administrative staff. In addition to these three UB faculties, the University School of Hotel Management and Tourism and the Institute of Education Sciences are also affiliated with the university.

The academic community also benefits from the municipal sports facilities on the Llars Mundet grounds, which are managed by the Catalan Sports Federation for the Mentally Handicapped (ACELL).


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