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Parc de les Rieres

Nature, innovation and technology at the service of the environment come together in the recently opened Parc de les Rieres, which occupies the area through which flood waters coming down from the Collserola mountains used to flow. Modern and sustainable, the park has an eco-efficient lighting system and a botanical route adapted to the terrain and climate, where visitors will discover a number of native Mediterranean species.

A park with an ecological spirit

In keeping with the times and sustainability criteria promoted by the city, Parc de les Rieres d’Horta, which opened in 2013, follows the philosophy of self-sustainability and has a photovoltaic pergola which uses the sun's energy to power the lighting system, which also uses LED technology.

Built over the facilities that house the street cleaning vehicles and a rainwater catchment tank, both of which are underground, the park derives its name from the abundance of wells and streams and hydraulic resources in the area, which are due to its proximity to the Collserola range. The history of the Horta neighbourhood is closely linked to this abundance of water and the old municipality of Sant Joan d’Horta even became famous for the floods the area suffered in the past.

Knowledge of nature and sustainability

The trees found in the park offer an educational botanical route which includes 23 different species and 25 different plants that have been planted in accordance with climatic conditions and their ability to survive and thrive in an urban environment. Most of the species are warm climate Mediterranean species that require less maintenance.

As a whole, the new Rieres d’Horta Park is an example of modern times and sustainability, promoted in Barcelona in accordance with the new philosophies and respect for the environment.


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