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L’Ateneu de Fabricació digital

In the heart of Les Corts, there is a place of knowledge open to anyone who wishes to find out more about the digital world and the technological universe. This is the Les Corts Ateneu de Fabricació Digital, a large creative laboratory located on a former industrial site recovered for public use that has been set up to encourage innovation and creativity.

Committed to innovation

The Ateneu de Fabricació Digital in Les Corts is based on the American Fab Lab concept, inspired by the research and technological production laboratories of the famous Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which were set up in the year 2000. Its philosophy is to promote home-grown creation and collaboration between all kinds of people interested in science and technology, providing them with access to resources that would be beyond their reach financially.

In 2013, on the initiative of Barcelona City Council, it was decided to create the Les Corts Ateneu de Fabricació Digital, with the aim of creating a space for debate and technological creation that was within everyone's reach and today it serves as a place where all those who wish to do so can express their talent and creativity, as it is the first public Fab Lab in the world.

Technology within everyone's reach

The centre, close to Plaça del Centre, is housed in the old Benet Campabadal factory, measuring more than 1,000 square metres, and it provides members of the public with access to 3D printers, mechanisation centres, 3D scanners and a laser cutter, among many other pieces of equipment, enabling them to turn their ideas into physical products which are useful to society. The Ateneu also offers workshops, conferences, talks and all kinds of events that also aim to promote the social cohesion and integration of all groups of people. The space is being prepared to house a library which will occupy a large part of the building.


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