Can Rosés

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Can Rosés

Listed as local heritage, Can Rosés is one of the few remaining farmhouses in Les Corts that remain standing as reminders of the area’s rural past. The building, greatly prized by the local people, is an architectural gem in the baroque style with two floors and a facade decorated with geometric forms.

The farmhouse

Standing at a point where the old path from Les Corts to Sarrià used to run, when this was a completely rural area and the two districts were separate townships from Barcelona, the former Can Rosés farmhouse has a long history.

A constant purpose

Built in the first half of the 18th century, Can Rosés is considered a site of local interest by the city. It was renovated by Joaquim Gelabert i Cuyás in the year 1900, giving it a more residential look and use. The revamp involved turning the threshing yard into a garden, adding a cornice to the façade and sgraffiti decorations on the rendering.

Following the second renovation, carried out in 1991, the building was used as a municipal library up until 2017. For the 2017-2018 school year, the building will provisionally be used as a publicly-run school.


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