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Can Deu Civic Centre

The Neo-Gothic building occupied by the Can Deu Civic Centre and located in historic Plaça de la Concòrdia is an icon of Les Corts, as much for its architectural value as a building as for the cultural, social and artistic activity that this public facility has generated over time. Moreover, the cafeteria, with its large windows and Modernista-style influences, is one of Barcelona's hidden treasures

The restored historic building

An important local meeting point and cultural centre, the Can Deu Civic Centre stands in Plaça de la Concòrdia, in the heart of Les Corts district. This lovely building, which has served its present purpose since 1984, was the home of the wealthy Deu family until 1929, and formerly stood in an area of vineyards.

Can Deu is a Neo-Gothic mansion built by the architect Eduard Mercader i Sacancha in the late nineteenth century. The building features many elements typical of those times, such as wrought-iron work and the balcony that runs all along one side. The latest alterations, which mainly affected the interior, were carried out by Barcelona City Council in 1984 when it was decided to convert the building into a civic centre.

A centre with something for everyone

The age-old air of Can Deu, which the locals are determined to conserve, can be appreciated throughout the site, particularly in the magnificent vintagecafé, a delightful space with white marble tables and large stained-glass windows that open onto the building's enchanting gardens. Here, too, tables are provided for those who want a snack and a moment’s rest and relaxation.

Today, housing the neighbourhood’s social centre, Can Deu continues to play a role that it has played for many years: that of a key site for cultural activity in Les Corts district.


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