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Les Corts

Les Corts is the quintessential, middle-class residential district. Located between the hustle and bustle of working-class Sants and the city's exclusive upper reaches, vestiges of its rural and noble past can still be seen in the farmhouses and architecturally-impressive Noucentista mansions. In its heterogeneous landscape, a mix of industrialisation, housing for workers, and huge office buildings, we find an unusual combination of Barcelona's past and present.

A peaceful neighbourhood

Situated between the extremes of bustling Sants and the tranquility of Barcelona's upper reaches, Les Corts is the midway point, combining the peacefulness that characterises the well-off neighbourhoods and the accessibility that still remains in the former workers' colonies from the beginning of the 20th century, like the old Colònia Castells.

Vestiges of a rural past

Part of a previously independent municipality that was annexed to Barcelona in 1898, the Les Corts neighbourhood still has fragments of personality hidden between the big residential blocks. From its incredibly rural roots, with a more upper-class sector that used to be known as Les Corts Velles, old Les Corts, there are still remains of this past to be found in the mansions and farmhouses.

The squares of Can Rosés, Comas and La Concòrdia, located along the main streets crossing the area, are the old centre, and the latter preserves the most charm, being home to the Antiga Farmàcia, the 19th century pharmacy, the Boages cake shop, the Fragments Cafè and the little palace from 1897, which is now the Centre Cívic Can Deu.


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