La Torre Llobeta

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La Torre Llobeta

The old Torre Llobeta masia is a site of local cultural interest, and together with the historic village of Vilapicina, it has given its name to the neighbourhood of Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta in the Nou Barris district. Dating from the fifteenth century, its architectural and historic value is complemented by its current cultural value as the area’s civic centre, which organises many activities that are open to everybody.

The memory of a neighbourhood

The magnificent square building that houses the Torre Llobeta civic centre embodies part of the history of the district of Nou Barris in which it is located. The origins of Torre Llobeta date back to the fifteenth century, when it was built as a stately home. Surrounded by a large stretch of agricultural land, it was later converted into a masia (farmhouse), and is it is now one of Barcelona’s oldest preserved buildings.

The building is in perfect state of repair and many Gothic elements still remain today, including the large decorated windows on the facade, the lancet-arch doorway, the courtyard and the interior staircase, and for this reason it was declared a site of local cultural interest in Barcelona.

Good use of a heritage space

Torre Llobeta was converted into a civic centre in 1983; today it is a space that is open to everyone and it offers music, cookery, language and theatre workshops as well as classes in traditional dances, such as the Sardana. Using this historic building to provide quality public services to the neighbourhood has seen Torre Llobeta become a place much loved by locals and one that is very necessary for them, it cannot be dissociated from the past and present history of the Nou Barris district.


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