Canòdrom – digital and democratic innovation centre

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Canòdrom – digital and democratic innovation centre

The Canòdrom, located in the iconic building in Av. Meridiana, is opening up more than ever! Boasting a calender of workshops, debates, cycles, exhibitions, film screenings, videogame demonstrations and youth activities, the Canòdrom — Digital and Democratic Innovation Centre — invites us to learn about technology and look at it from a critical perspective, so we can gain awareness of our digital rights and duties alike.


Looking to learn about new technologies? The Canòdrom is offering a quarterly educational programme ranging from an introduction to computers to more advanced workshops providing us with tools to protect ourselves from cyberbullying and fake news.

The iconic stands and square where greyhounds used to race years ago now play host to cultural activities for family and friends to enjoy, including music sessions, film screenings, videogame conferences, local-project exhibitions and plenty more. Come and discover it!


There's no discussing technological innovation without local residents taking part and having their say. That’s why the Canòdrom is being relaunched as an open space where different social stakeholders from the neighbourhood and the city take part.

Thanks to the various participatory processes, local residents have a say on what goes on at the facility. One of these is the historical-memory project, under which the neighbourhood's common past is being examined to reconstruct memories of the Canòdrom.


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