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The Ivanow factory

Since it opened as a cultural centre in 1998, the Nau Ivanow art factory has been a focal point for creation, production and promotion of the performing arts. Nau Ivanow provides resources for artistic projects, from training, grants and mentoring to the provision of space, and also acts as a meeting point between artists and the public.

A hotbed of creative talent

In the context of providing support for creation and culture, the Nau Ivanow aims to become a big centre for creators and cultural initiatives to exchange ideas. Because offering the ideal place and the necessary means for developing and managing cultural projects as well as small cultural companies is a great way to support cultural creation and enterprise.

The Nau Ivanow offers creators the chance to have a production space in a unique setting and a hive of creativity, supporting cultural projects in their early days.

The Creators' Nursery is a work space, where companies, producers and others involved in the performing arts work alongside each other and, at the same time, have the chance to share things and develop their projects, while creating synergies, developing an understanding and cooperating.

Old buildings, new uses

In 1959, the industrialist Víctor Ivanow commissioned the construction of the Ivanow paint factory on a site in the Sagrera industrial zone. The building entered into service in 1968 and later changed hands several times until it was acquired by Xavier Basiana. Nau Ivanow has been managed by the Fundació Sagrera since 2006, and has formed part of the Art Factories project, promoted by Barcelona City Council’s Institute of Culture, since 2010.


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