La Pegaso Park

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La Pegaso Park

The large zone in the La Sagrera neighbourhood is La Pegaso park, land previously dedicated to factory use and reconverted, thanks to the actions of the local residents, into gardens full of lush vegetation. With trees, play areas and a canal that snakes through its heart, today La Pegaso park is a peaceful island where you can get away from it all within the city.

A park with a manufacturing history

The industrial past of the La Sagrera neighbourhood is strongly linked to the former Pegaso factory, which produced vehicles up to 1970. Once it closed its doors, the local people reclaimed the land for the neighbourhood and made this space, previously traversed by workers, a large park open to everyone.

In Carrer de la Sagrera the doorway to the factory still remains standing, and it is now the main entrance to the neighbourhood's green lung.

Walk and take a break

Inside, the shade of the palm trees shelters a series of brick benches that invite you to read or relax before entering the world outside. The park's lush vegetation and a canal that begins its journey just beyond the door promise a cool, enchanting route. The paths that open up between wooded areas, esplanades surrounded by plane trees, pergolas and blooming flowerbeds are some of the surprises that the park offers.

Amongst the most unique highlights is a lake separating the two spaces which the park is divided into, the lower and the upper zones, formed by small hills that pay tribute to the gardens designed in the late nineteenth century by the architect Josep Fontserè. A sports centre and various children's playground areas guarantee that the park is a place where everyone can enjoy their free time.


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