El Mercat de Sant Andreu

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El Mercat de Sant Andreu

Built in 1914 to accommodate the street vendors who used to set out their wares in Plaça de Mercadal, the Mercat de Sant Andreu is a relatively small market with only around forty stalls. Its trademark family atmosphere and friendly stallholders are reminiscent of a time when Sant Andreu de Palomar was an independent township.

Sant Andreu covered market

In the mid-nineteenth century, Barcelona City Council promoted the construction of covered markets to regulate the many street vendor who set up their stalls in the open air all around the city. In those times, Sant Andreu de Palomar was still an independent township, and local farmers continued to gather in Plaça de Marcadal to sell their wares directly to local residents.

When, in 1898, Sant Andreu de Palomar became Barcelona’s ninth district, the City Council decided to provide it with a well-equipped, covered, safe facility. The square was therefore roofed by a steel structure in 1914, whilst the interior was furnished at a later date.

Lifelong stalls

Many of the vendors who work on the stalls at the Mercat de Sant Andreu today are descendants of the original street sellers, and some are even fourth or fifth generation stallholders. The centenary in 2014 was a celebration that brought a lot of joy to the whole neighbourhood, along with a renewed sense of optimism with which to face the century’s new challenges, including refurbishment of the market itself.


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