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Can Felipa

Among the 19th century industrial buildings that the city of Barcelona has reclaimed, Can Felipa is surprising because of its unique, rather un-factory-like architecture. Converted into a municipal space open to local residents and the cultural driving force in Poblenou, among other facilities, it hosts an active community centre.

A unique style

The origins of the Can Felipa textile factory date back to the mid-19th century, when it opened in the current Carrer Pallars in the Poblenou neighbourhood. It was a complex that grew over the years and which preserves the main building, constructed in 1885 with a unique architectural style distinguishing it from the other industrial buildings in the city.

Very elegant and with looks more reminiscent of a Parisian apartment building than a textile factory, it has a sloping roof and attics below to make better use of space, as well as facades with large windows opening up to the street. This allows light to enter all four of the factory's floors.

A neighbourhood space

The factory closed its doors in 1978, and years later, in 1991, reopened as a municipal space open to all the local residents. It includes the Centre Cívic Can Felipa community centre, that offers a great number of multidisciplinary activities, Poblenou's historic archives, a municipal sports centre and other facilities open to the public. A meeting point and crucial place for the local people, Can Felipa is today a place to enjoy culture whilst coexisting with the city's history.


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