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The Communication Campus (UPF)

In the square where the Ca Aranyó factory once stood, and around an imposing chimney that reminds us of this neighbourhood's industrial origins, are the buildings of the Pompeu Fabra University's Communication Campus, dedicated to communication sciences and information technology, which have filled the old factory area with students.

The home of innovation

Poblenou used to be known as the Catalan Manchester, because the neighbourhood was so full of factories. But in the late 20th century it began to turn its old industrial areas into a place of innovation, known as 22@. The installation of the UPF's Communication Campus in one of the former manufacturing spaces, in 2009, contributed to this modern neighbourhood's transformation, open to technology and aiming to become a place that is primarily dedicated to knowledge and innovation.

Campus of excellence

The campus consists of a set of new buildings equipped with cutting-edge technology. It contains the former Ca Aranyó textile factory, a very important building that is an example of Catalan industrial architecture from the late 19th century. This past is also preserved in an imposing chimney, which now stands in the central square of the campus, where students can read or chat in the shade.

The UPF, which in 2010 was given the distinction of Campus of International Excellence, is considered to be the most international university in Spain and is among the top fifteen European universities. Locating the Communication Campus in Poblenou signified the creation of a high-quality academic, scientific, entrepreneurial and innovative environment, which is both internationally oriented and socially integrated.


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