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La Escocesa

Barcelona’s commitment to promoting artistic creativity finds important expression at La Escocesa, a former textile factory. Here, young artists are offered the opportunity to develop, show their work and benefit from a range of resources. Since the art factory opened in 2008, La Escocesa has become an important centre of creativity, where artists can grow in the practice of art.

At the service of contemporary art

Painting, sculpture and other forms of visual art are all present at the centre, which is synonymous with modernity, culture and innovation. Behind La Escocesa is the Associació d’Idees Ema (“M Ideas Association”), which has run the centre since 2008. Its aim is to encourage artistic creation by supporting resident artists, who have the option of renting spaces, equipment and material, as well as applying for grants and making contact with other centres, amongst other benefits.

La Escocesa also aims to raise awareness about art among citizens, particularly local people in the district. The centre participates in exchange programmes to publicise its artists’ and groups’ projects internationally, and the Espai M (“M Space”) exhibits work by artists in residence, as well as hosting other shows and activities.

The history of a factory

The first building in La Escocesa industrial complex dates back to around 1885, when the site operated as a textile factory. The industrial site was occupied by various companies, which rented space here. One such, La Escocesa, finally gave its name to the whole complex. La Escocesa took over most of the buildings for a century, eventually closing down in 1984.


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