Museu de Ciències Naturals - Museu Blau

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Museu de Ciències Naturals - Museu Blau

The Museu Blau, or Blue Museum, in Parc del Fòrum, is the latest home of the Natural Science Museum. Seeking to combine recreation with scientific knowledge, it has become a reference museum for anyone who wants to know more about the natural sciences.

Planet nature

Barcelona's Natural Science Museum has four centres in three of the city's iconic parks: Ciutadella, Montjuïc and the Fòrum. The latest opened in 2011 in Parc del Fòrum, taking advantage of its proximity to the sea, and is called the Museu Blau, or Blue Museum.

It is housed in the building constructed for the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures and the architects who designed that, Herzog De Meuron, adapted it for the museum, as well as designing the main exhibition area.

This exhibition, Planet Life, invites visitors on a journey through the history of life and its evolution in line with our planet, and a visit to the museum, with its innovative layout, approach and interactive audiovisual resources, is a great way of discovering and understanding nature's secrets.

Innovation, science and fun

With9,000 square metresof facilities and services, the Museu Blau also offers temporary exhibitions, a Media Library, the Science Nest for children aged 0 to 6 and a function room. On top of that it holds talks and workshops, making it a truly active, living centre.

The new museum's innovative cultural approach combines scientific rigour with a sense of fun. This makes it possible to combine concepts that, at first site, appear mutually opposed. Because here it is understood that an understanding of nature and serious debate on contemporary environmental issues can go hand in hand with fun and recreation.


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