Mercat del Poblenou (Poblenou Market)

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Mercat del Poblenou (Poblenou Market)

The Mercat del Poblenou, which originally specialised in the sale of livestock, is a small building similar to the Mercat del Clot. Indeed, both were designed by the same architect and opened in the same year, 1889. In 2005, the market was refurbished in work that conserved its original appearance, and the site is an important centre of activity in the neighbourhood.

Between the city and the countryside

Markets have traditionally been a meeting point between the country and the city, as well as being neighbourhood nerve centres. Mercat del Poblenou remains a vital “organ” in the neighbourhood, where it has existed for more than 120 years. The variety of both local and foreign produce and the quality, friendly service and reasonable prices are a source of pride for merchants and locals alike. The refurbishment work also converted this site into a market of the future, ready to meet the challenges of twenty-first century without losing the popular spirit that has always defined this site.

The Mercat del Poblenou currently houses 22 food stalls and a self-service establishment. The design of the commercial units is distinctive, as it has allowed the market to introduce two self-service fruit and vegetable stalls for the first time.

European architecture

The Mercat del Poblenou was designed in 1889 by the architect Pere Falqués and, although modest in size with simple lines, it is truly beautiful. The building, with brick walls and an iron roof, consists of a central body and two side sections and reflects the architectural trends popular that became popular here in the late-nineteenth century, inspired by new buildings in Paris and London.


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