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Jardí Botànic

Dedicated especially to Mediterranean species of plants and trees from around the world, the botanical gardens enable visitors to discover the five regions of the Mediterranean through their collections, and they offer an idyllic place to go for a stroll with magnificent views of the coast that extend beyond the delta of the Llobregat river.

A natural amphitheatre

Between Montjuïc Castle and the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium are the Barcelona Botanical Gardens, spanning 14 hectares, with a shape reminiscent of a large amphitheatre.The gardens are especially dedicated to Mediterranean plant species from around the world and it is home to thousands of varieties and routes for learning and enjoying the green spaces.

Historical gardens

The history of the botanical gardens, created by architects Carles Ferrater, Josep Lluís Canosa and Bet Figueras, date back to the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, when the construction of new access routes to Montjuïc led to the closure of the old Historical botanical gardens and the creation of the new ones, which opened in 1999. The project was carried out by Barcelona City Council on a piece of what was previously disused land in the area around Montjuïc.

In the form of an amphitheatre with steep slopes, the gardens are divided into the five regions of the Mediterranean and offer a representation of the five characteristic landscapes of these regions.
Furthermore, the magnificent views over the Llobregat delta,the Olympic Ring and part of the metropolitan area of Barcelona are another good reason to visit this splendid park.


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