Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer Gardens

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Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer Gardens

Considered to be among the most beautiful gardens in Barcelona, the Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer Gardens were opened in the 1970s. They are one of the three parks in Montjuïc dedicated to Catalan poets, along with the Joan Maragall and Mossèn Costa i Llobera Gardens, and their spaces exude poetry and invite you to sit down, enjoy nature and read in the fresh, lush surroundings.

The poet's quarry

Situated in the area that was once home to a quarry, at the foot of Montjuïc Castle, these gardens designed by Joaquim Maria Casamor were opened in 1970 and are one of the three parks in Montjuïc dedicated to Catalan poets, along with the Joan Maragall and Costa i Llobera Gardens. Covering almost five hectares, and boasting an exceptional array of colours, you find flower-beds of irises, tulips, narcissus flowers and hyacinths, among other flowers, along with eucalyptus, poplars, magnolias. Their flowering seasons are March to April and from the end of July to early September and with each season the flowers change colour and have a different charm, depending on the time of year.

Water features

The ponds at the top of the gardens, divided and connected by a stairway, are the great protagonists. The water runs down from a small, elongated pond, and a wooden bridge completes this delicate corner where the entrance to the park is located. At the bottom of the stairway is a lake and an enormous meadow scattered with large trees, that joins these gardens to those of Joan Brossa. There are also two female sculptures in the gardens: the Noia dels Lliris by Ramon Sabi and Maternitat by Sebastià Badia. The first, a tribute to Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer, is situated close to the lake and the second is next to the gardeners' hut, beneath a large maritime pine.This garden is a perfect place to go for a walk and rest, to discover the different plants and enjoy the various colours of the flowers at different times of the year.


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