The Olympic and Sports Museum

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The Olympic and Sports Museum

Dedicated to Joan Antoni Samaranch, who was president of the International Olympic Committee for over 20 years, the Olympic and Sports Museum opened in 2007 with the aim of raising awareness about the values of sport and its educational capacity. The museum is a pioneering site in Europe, with modern, interactive technology.

Going beyond sport

The desire to reflect the importance of the Olympic and sporting spirit as an important hallmark of Barcelona prompted the City Council’s decision to establish the Olympic and Sports Museum in2005. The centre stands outside Olympic Stadium in Montjuïc, amid natural surroundings that are steeped in sporting history.

The museum showcases different aspects of high-performance sport, competitive sport and sport as a tool for social integration and as a universal language. The aim is to convey to the visitor an idea about sport’s importance in the fields of education and culture. One of the most outstanding features here is the Joan Antoni Samaranch Collection, which takes the visitor on a journey through the Olympic world through exhibits relating to various artistic disciplines.

An innovative, technological museum

Designed by the architects Xavier Basiana and Toni Camps, the building comprises two spacious blocks covered by a roof garden. The new technologies play an essential role at the museum, which offers the visitor an interactive experience that aims to encourage in-depth reflection: a first-of-its-kind experience in Europe.


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