El Col·legi de les Teresianes

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El Col·legi de les Teresianes

This imposing building, which resembles a fortress, is protected by the surrounding fence and gardens. This is the Convent School of the Order of Saint Teresa of Jesus, a large school that has been teaching children for over 125 years, which was its original purpose. It currently provides education from kindergarten right up to secondary level. The school is private and it has been co-educational since the end of the last century.

A show of strength

Antoni Gaudí took over the project when the foundations of the building had already been laid. For this reason, he decided to follow the original square-shaped structure, which he built like a castle in reference to one of St. Teresa's writings, The Interior Castle. Unlike other commissions, Gaudí had to stick to a relatively low budget, which is why he used brick instead of stone, and this also explains the plaster walls of the interior and the restraint shown in the decoration. Although the order's vow of poverty prevented the construction of an ostentatious building, the result was a gigantic building with more than a few decorative elements, which went quite a bit beyond modesty. Gaudi's work was finished in 1889, and the building has been on the heritage list since 1969.

Gaudí's personal stamp

The most prolific architect of Catalan Modernisme is famous for his highly personal architectural solutions as well as the symbolism of the elements he used. The Col·legi de les Teresianes is no exception, and this can be seen in the use of parabolic arches and the religious decorations on the
building’s exterior. The spiral columns, wrought ironwork and four-armed crosses (three dimensional crosses) are also the personal stamp of the Catalan genius.


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