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Mercat de Galvany

Listed as an artistic monument, the Mercat Municipal de Galvany opened in 1927 on land donated by the Earl of Galvany from whom it took its name. The premises currently house about 70 food stalls, as well as shops, bars and various services. All kinds of culinary activities also take place in the market, and each Christmas the people organise a pessebre, a nativity scene.

Barcelona gets bigger

The city's population growth during the 19th century and the building of the Eixample, starting in 1860, necessitated the planning of new public facilities, such as municipal markets. In the case of Galvany Market, the annexing of the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood to the city, in 1897, accentuated this need.

An imposing building

From an architectural point of view, the Mercat de Galvany follows the building fashions of the time, between Modernisme and the new trends based on the use of iron. The enclosed area is immense and organised around a large floor in the shape of a Greek cross (with four equal arms). Each of the four ends of the cross is enclosed by an exposed brick facade, while the roof stands on a metal framework supporting the large central dome. The interior is spectacular, bright and airy. It notably includes eight columns and large arches that support the dome, plus a Modernista lamp with a clock inside, located in the centre of the market.

The sober and elegant shapes, the exposed brick walls, the use of iron and the Modernista-inspired decorations based on stained glass and mosaic, make this building an iconic monument and very characteristic of the first third of the 20th century.


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