Castell de l’Oreneta Park

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Castell de l’Oreneta Park

The joining of two large manor estates created a large green area of more than 17 hectares within the city: this is the Castell de l’Oreneta park. The park opened to the public in 1978 and since then it has become a natural landmark, with areas for pleasure and leisure activities, as well as zones for children where they can go on a miniature train or take pony rides.

A park with something for everyone

Spending a day in the park, alone or with family, is an excellent option for outdoor recreation. There are lots of things to do here: one can take a stroll, go running, enjoy the exceptional views of the city, visit the ruins of the castle built by the powerful Tous family during the 1880s and partially
destroyed during the Civil War, enjoy an organic meal made from local products, take the children for a pony ride or else jump on board the miniature train. There is also a horse-riding centre where you can take riding lessons, and there are also specific areas for dogs. The park offers an endless list of activities for both young and old.

Mediterranean vegetation

The Castell de l’Oreneta park has a typically lush Mediterranean forest with white pines, stone pines, cork and other oaks, carob trees and a rich undergrowth of shrubs (Spanish broom, boxtree, viburnum, strawberry tree, mastic) and aromatic plants such as thyme, bay leaf and lavender. All these native species coexist with planted species such as
eucalyptus, cypress, cedar and hackberry and trees that attest to the park's agricultural past: orange, medlar, almond and olive trees.


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