Finca Miralles gate

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Finca Miralles gate

The gate in the surrounding wall that Antoni Gaudí built in 1901 as an entrance to the long-gone Miralles Estate in Sarrià, opens under a large arch between apparently zigzagging, undulating forms and has been preserved in its entirety. Today it leads into a quiet street, Carrer de Francesc Carbonell.

A Modernista gate

Also know as the Portal Miralles, the big entrance gate to the Finca Miralles is one of the least-known of Gaudí's works in the city. It stands on Passeig de Manuel Girona, in Sarrià, and can be visited in peace, without the crowds usually attracted by the legacy of this brilliant architect. Inspired by the shapes found in nature, the gate was commissioned in 1901 by the industrialist Hermenegild Miralles to provide access to his property, which is no longer there. Today it leads into a quiet street as one more feature of the neighbourhood, adding a touch of elegance and inspiration to the everyday life of its inhabitants.

Genuine Gaudí

The gate is an opening in the wall that surrounded the estate, only a part of which, made from stone and finished in white trencadís, remains, with a metal grille that looks like a reptile's skin. With a large trefoil arch and overhanging canopy, the gate is crowned by a characteristic three dimensional cross made from wrought iron. At the side there is a smaller gate that still has the original grille.

The gate was restored in 2000 and a Gaudí statue was unveiled there. It was made by the sculptor Joaquim Camps as a tribute to this brilliant architect.


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