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Tamarita Gardens

Protected from the noise of the city by a wall of stone and wrought iron, the previously private gardens are now open to the public, a privileged space for working, resting, relaxing and enjoying their beauty. Split into two parts, they combine a classical part with another that is open to the spontaneity of nature.

A luxurious green space

On Passeig de Sant Gervasi, the Jardins de la Tamarita surround the old Noucentista house of the same name. The industrialist Alfredo Mata had it built in 1919 and today it houses the Blanquerna university. These gardens are among the first designed by the architect and landscape artist Nicolau M. Rubió i Tudurí.

They are full of decorative features that confirm their domestic origin and their layout invites you to take a quiet walk round them. With plenty of fountains, water jets and little ponds, there are lots of spots where you can take shelter to read or relax awhile.

Natural contrasts

The gardens are split into two, with a design that seeks to establish a contrast between a more orderly, classicist part, and another, once crossed by the Frare Blanc (White Friar) stream, that is more natural.

On the more classical side of the garden, French-style rose bushes combine with boxwood, and a belvedere with an allegorical architectural ensemble dedicated to he four contents. There is also a grassy area with a hundred-year-old oak that is 23 metres high and leads to the wilder part of the garden.

The little corners, decorative elements, magnificent vegetation and stone walls that surround the gardens create a feeling of protection and isolation that is very relaxing.


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