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Turó Park

With little wooded areas, flower beds, a kiosk, squares with a romantic flavour and lots of trees, Turó Park is a bucolic refuge, a place to enjoy nature in the heart of the city. Opened on Avinguda de Pau Casals, it is dedicated to the poet Eduard Marquina and holds various artworks that invite you to daydream and fantasise.

An old amusement park

Turó Park owes its name to the old amusement park there used to be in the grounds of the Bertrand-Girona family until 1929. After an agreement was reached between the family and the City Council, Nicolau M. Rubió i Tudurí, then director of the Barcelona parks service, suggested building Turó Park on the estate as we know it today.

The park, dedicated to the poet Eduard Marquina, is compact and elegant, and it retains a large part of the original trees, such as a hundred-year-old carob tree, laurel trees, poplars, holm oaks, etc. One of the best parts of the park is the pond, surrounded by trees and covered by water lilies that flower in spring.

Music and poetry

Another notable feature is the Boulangrin parterre, with its mix of English and Arabian features, a little stream, sixteen large magnolias and stone benches for sitting on.

But its artistic and cultural value also lies in the sculptures, such as the one Apel·les Fenosa dedicated to the cellist Pau Casals and Josep Clarà's tribute to the Catalan tenor Francesc Viñas. On top of that there is a poetic route that invites you to discover the park with the help of poets such as Sylvia Plath, Fernando Pessoa, Salvador Espriu and Federico García Lorca.


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