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Vallvidrera funicular

Built at the top end of the Sarrià neighbourhood in 1906, the Vallvidrera funicular goes up and down like a lift and it operates automatically after being remodelled in 1998. Relaxing and enjoying the views during the journey is a unique experience.

Link with Barcelona

In 1906 the company running the Sarrià railway line got the contract to build a funicular railway 736 metres long, to link the old village of Vallvidrera with Barcelona and save having to climb up the slope between the Vallvidrera road and the village. The funicular has continued running since then, taking people up and down every day between Vallvidrera and the Peu del Funicular station.

It is a short journey, only lasting a few minutes, but it offers some spectacular views of the city, which get better as you climb towards Vallvidrera, now part of Barcelona. Also worthy of mention is the upper station, with its curvy lines and central European decoration, that was designed and built by the architect Bonaventura Conill in Plaça de Pep Ventura.


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