Pantà de Vallvidrera

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Pantà de Vallvidrera

The reservoir provided the old town of Sarrià with drinking water until the end of the 19th century. Then it fell into disuse for many years, until the Collserola Trust reclaimed it. Today it is open to everyone as a place of recreation and a natural space enjoyed by families and walkers.

A civil engineering work and a natural space

The Vallvidrera reservoir was designed in 1865 for a hydraulic project that the civil engineer Elies Rogent carried out to bring drinking water to the old town of Sarrià. Today it is no longer used to supply water and has become a leisure spot for enjoying natural surroundings and relaxing with family and friends, immersed in its fauna and flora.

Natural paths

One of the best ways to get to there is to set off from Plaça de la Mina Grott and follow the reservoir path. The Mina Grott is a tunnel almost 1 km long that was built to link the reservoir with Sarrià when it supplied water but later, when if fell into disuse, it became a path that people climbed from Barcelona to enjoy the natural surroundings of Collserola. Today the tunnel is closed but you can follow a path parallel to it between the trees until you reach the pink house, which used to be the house of the reservoir watchman and has now been restored by the Collserola Trust.

Taking a stroll through this natural spot so close to the city and discovering the reservoir's inhabitants, such as the green frog, the tree frog and the parsley frog, can be a real experience for young and old alike.


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