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Mercat de Sarrià

After a major renovation, Sarrià is now a market with modern and functional premises, but it still retains the charm of a market that has been serving local people for over a century. It is a relatively small market: it has around 20 stalls, as well as non-food shops, bars and a supermarket. Even so, it is a lively place and a dynamic element in the neighbourhood.

A market for the future

Despite the extensive remodelling of the interior in 2007, the building was able to keep the original look given to it by the architects Arnau Calvet and Marcel·lí Coquillat, who laid it out as a rectangular enclosure with exposed brickwork in the facades and a metal framework.

The four walls are decorated with stained glass windows that allow natural light into the interior, in addition to brick borders. What stands out on the exterior is the main facade, facing west onto Carrer de Pere Tarrés, which is high and topped with a triangular structure. The protruding columns on the facades are also noteworthy.

The market and the town of Sarrià

The market is located in the old town of Sarrià, next to Plaça del Consell de la Vila and Carrer Major de Sarrià, and has witnessed the transformations in the neighbourhood, which in 1921 changed from being an independent town, to make up part of Barcelona. Despite being annexed, the area still retains the charm of a quiet village far from the metropolis, where the market plays an important role as a meeting place for local people and something that brings the neighbourhood together.


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