The terrace culture

The terrace culture
  • You can find a little terrace in any street in Barcelona to take a break on your way round the city.

  • Nearly every square in most of the city neighbourhoods have at least one terrace where you can rest under the shade of a tree, or a parasol, and have a bite to eat.

  • There is one terrace after another along Barcelona's boulevards and avenues, forming a web of tables and chairs that are always busy.

  • Many hotels in the city have terraces open to everyone, where you can have supper or a late drink while you enjoy they views under a starlit sky.

  • There is also room for terraces in natural settings. There are lots of parks and gardens where you can find a little cafe with tables outside to take some refreshment.

  • The restaurants and bars with terraces by the sea are one of the city's big gastronomic attractions. They are all along the seafront and cater for all tastes and pockets.