Business Support Office (OAE)

The Business Support Office (OAE) is the best gateway to Barcelona and its metropolitan area for new businesses.

Business Support Office

  • Barcelona Landing Services

    A whole range of services both for entrepreneurs living abroad and foreign companies looking to invest in Barcelona.

  • Business financing

    Expert advisory service to obtain the financing your business needs.

  • Prototyping and Innovation

    The Prototyping Support Service guides companies and entrepreneurs through their prototyping processes in a strategic and agile way.

  • Creating new companies

    Constitution of companies

    The OAE processes the registration of new commercial corporations and freelance professionals. Its website also offers online advice.

  • Information about municipal procedures

    Information and municipal procedures

    Service providing information about the regulations to be followed when setting up a company in Barcelona. Barcelona City Council’s Virtual Office also offers this kind of advice.

  • Business transfer

    Business transfer

    The OAE advises business people who want to transfer their business and entrepreneurs who need to ensure their company’s continuity. There is also a web portal where offers and requests can be published.

  • Two people entering the Glòries Barcelona Entrepreneurship Centre


    Whether the company is local or international, the OAE helps find the best sites for setting up brand-new businesses, and Barcelona Activa also offers its own sites.
  • Business growth

    Business advice

    Companies that want to open up new markets and become more competitive can go to the OAE, which has a technical team to design strategic growth plans.

  • Internationalisation and trading abroad

    Internationalisation and foreign commerce procedures

    The OAE offers expert advice on foreign business opportunities for companies that want to start exporting and expanding at an international level.

  • Talent hunting

    Talent management

    The OAE has various programmes to help find people with the professional profile that each company needs. It also offers information about subsidies and recruitment assistance.

  • Business financing

    Business financing

    The OAE helps find the most appropriate financing for each business: public, private and bank financing, as well as alternative sources such as crowdfunding. It also offers specific training sessions.

  • Espai Barcelona

    Espai Barcelona

    This is a co-working space at the Barcelona Growth Centre where you can give presentations to clients and hold corporate meetings in an innovative environment that puts the emphasis on audiovisual technologies: Espai Barcelona.