Preliminary information

Are you thinking about coming to live in Catalonia but you do not have enough information? You may have your doubts, but the fact is that Catalonia has everything you need for turning your stay into a unique and unbeatable experience. There are so many factors to enable you to have a great standard of living in the city, which is so full of opportunities, as indeed is the rest of Catalonia. Once you're here, you may well wish to stay for good.”

Dalí Museum in Figueres, Girona

Living in Catalonia

Who wouldn't want to live in Catalonia! With its sunshine, sea, Mediterranean diet, culture etc.

Educational system

This is based on the Bologna Plan, which is officially recognised in many EU member states and non-EU countries

Health care system

CatSalut, the Catalan public health care service, guarantees health care cover for citizens

Tourists seeking accommodation in Barcelona


You can rent a flat or live in a university residence in Barcelona.

Barcelona, a welcoming city for the international community

International community and welcoming associations

Do you need any help? Would you like to be part of a group to meet people and ask for information?