Whether you are an EU or non-EU citizen, you have to go through a series of procedures and there is information you should know beforehand, to make your stay as easy as possible. You should find out about the education system and the health service, as well as other things like whether you have to register at your local town hall? Do you need a medical card? How can you get your qualifications recognised?

Procedures that EU citizens have to complete in Barcelona

EU citizens

If your stay is for under 3 months, no certificate is necessary. For longer stays, you need a Foreign National Identification Number (NIE).

Procedures that non-EU citizens have to complete in Barcelona

Non-EU citizens

You need a student visa in order to study. For research, the centre concerned will take care of the procedures.

Ratifying qualifications is easier thanks to the Bologna Process

Ratifying qualifications

A ratified foreign qualification has the same academic level and validity as a Spanish one.

Information concerning taxes, including  income tax (IRPF) and VAT (IVA) in Barcelona


Information relating to income tax (IRPF), special tax systems and VAT (IVA).

Guide on immigration

Download this guide and update your information on entering and staying in our territory.

Other resources

Other resources

Any queries? Do you need any information on registering at your local town hall, national IDs, foreign-resident IDs, etc.?