Studying in Barcelona

Come and get high-level training in a privileged environment. Barcelona will boost your skills and professional opportunities!

Barcelona business schools and other institutions

Business schools and other institutions

Established in the sector’s main ranking tables, Barcelona's business schools have a wide variety of courses, ranging from Masters courses inBusiness Administration (MBA) to state-of-the-art training for the business world, personalised courses, postgraduate studies, etc.

Degrees, Masters, PhDs and higher studies in Barcelona

Degrees, Masters, PhDs and higher studies

During the 2015-16 academic year, there were 187,970 students attending Barcelona's 8 universities. They were doing some of the available courses, including degrees and Masters. A world of possibilities run by great professionals.

Higher vocational education in Barcelona

Higher vocational education

The main objective of higher vocational training is to make students experts in their chosen sector, able to take on high levels of responsibility and be self-sufficient in their professions while coordinating work teams

Intermediate vocational education in Barcelona

Intermediate vocational education

Intermediate vocational education training focuses on the placement of future workers into the job market as experts. The objective is to provide students with the necessary practical knowledge to carry out their chosen profession.

Barcelona's Auditori Chamber Orchestra

Artistic studies

They are divided into four branches: music, plastic arts and design, dance and dramatic art, although it is also worth noting the creation of video games, i cinema and audiovisual studies and circus training, three specialities that are also increasingly popular.

Palau Sant Jordi, Montjuïc, Barcelona

Higher sports education

Barcelona has become a top venue in the world of sport. We don't mean just for currently active elite sportsmen and women, but also for people who run sporting organisations, as well as those who promote physical activities.