Safe cycling

Although the city's bicycle lanes are well signposted and separated from the other vehicles on the roadway, you should remember some safety measures when cycling around the city. Pedestrians always have preference over bicycles, on both pavements and zebra crossings. Cyclists must ring their bell to warn pedestrians of their presence. At night, approved lights must be used: the headlight must be white light, the back light must be red. Minors of up to 7 years old may be transported in an additional seat, provided they wear an approved helmet. Adults are not required to wear helmets, but their use is recommended. It is also recommended to take out insurance for civil responsibility, which is very useful in the case of an accident.

• Helmets are not obligatory, but they are recommended.  •	All bicycles must have a bell. •	If you are cycling at night, the bicycle must have an approved headlight and rear light.