Getting around by taxi

Barcelona has its iconic taxi, just like London and New York. These are the yellow and black cars that drive up and down every street in the city. The city has a fleet of eleven thousand taxis, and catching one is very easy: all you have to do is raise your hand when the taxi's roof light is green, which means it is available. It is also possible to find them at the taxi ranks that are found throughout the city: near the city's hubs and at the entrances to all main train stations, and at each port and airport terminal. The city's taxi ranks are easily identifiable by a blue vertical sign featuring the letter "T". and also by the yellow lines painted on the roadway. Taxi drivers know the city well: getting into a taxi is always a great chance to hear anecdotes and secrets about Barcelona.

• there are different prices for different time bands. There is a call line for taxi fares: 934 655 083. •	you can ask for a printed receipt with all the details concerning the journey and the vehicle. •	if you leave anything behind in the vehicle, there is a lost property service: 902 101 564.