The objective is to promote and support commerce as a driving force in the local economy, generating jobs and creating wealth.

There are over 2,000 shops in Horta-Guinardó. This preponderance means that the various trader associations to be found in the district's eleven neighbourhoods play a major role in the community.

In order to showcase the diversity of this commercial activity, the Cor d’Horta i Mercat Trade Federation organise their traditional Trade Fair on a couple of Saturdays in May and June. On these days, shop owners go out into the street and put on a variety of activities for the general public, from children's workshops and concerts to tasting sessions.

Commerce plays a central role in Horta-Guinardó's economic activity. The district's economic structure is fundamentally based on consumerism, specifically small businesses and other consumer services. This economic structure is linked to the district's residential characteristics.

Various venues
May and June