This is one of Barcelona's most popular festivals, and it takes place on and around 15 August.

Gràcia's local residents compete fiercely to decorate their streets and win the traditional decoration competition. They start with an idea and then spend all year developing it so that all the local residents and the thousands of visitors can enjoy Gràcia's festivities. The ideas are more original every year, and more and more recycled materials are used for the decorations. The decorations can include all kinds of features: including animals of all shapes and sizes, fictional characters and food. Anything is possible.

Around 600 activities are programmed during the festival week, including dozens of concerts, workshops and games for the kids.

The festival opens with gegants and castellers[giants and human castles] in Plaça Rius i Taulet, and finishes with a correfoc, which is a parade with fireworks and devils.

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