The festival has always remained true to its original mission of offering eclectic, cosmopolitan concerts, in order to retain the prestige it has earned over the years.

Every year, thousands of people attend concerts that all have a common denominator: the guitar, an instrument that is so characteristic, but at the same time so versatile, permeating all kinds of music genres. For the general public, the festival acts as a catalyst for everything that is new in the country; for the artists, it is a platform for establishing their projects.

With a history going back 25 years, the festival brings together musicians from all over the world. Many international artists have performed at the festival, including John Williams, Pat Metheny, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo and David Byrne, to mention but a few. Top ranking names who have offered audiences a wide variety of music, including flamenco, jazz, blues and rock.

Various venues
From February to July