There are around 300 stalls where you can buy all kinds of things related to Christmas decorations for the home.

You can't go home without taking a look at (and maybe even buying) the most popular Catalan nativity-scene figure: el caganer , a little figure crouching over a pile of steaming poo, with his trousers around his ankles. Although the original el caganer figure depicts a typical Catalan countryman, modern variations include an element of satire on current affairs, and these days you can find likenesses of famous politicians and even members of a number of royal families.

There are also other items for nativity scenes and the fair's stalls sell a wide range of craft products, from handmade jewellery to textiles and wooden toys and games.

There are also activities for the people who are most excited about Christmas, young children.

Avinguda de la Catedral