Barcelona Activa, 30 years boosting Barcelona’s economic activity

This 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of Barcelona Activa. Three decades boosting the economic activity of Barcelona, time in which it has established itself as a key agent for the promotion of local development in employment, doing business and entrepreneurship in Barcelona.

Throughout these years, Barcelona Activa has helped 607,000 people through its growing offer of programs and services aimed at the citizens. 30 years ago, the public agency started its activity focused on promoting entrepreneurship as a self-employment alternative while now it’s considered a gate to access Barcelona’s business scene.

An example of this evolution of the state of entrepreneurship in Barcelona is the rise in incubation spaces. Barcelona Activa’s Glòries business incubator was the first one in Barcelona, and the whole of Spain, and now continues its activity alongside four more incubators that have hosted 1,021 startups. Amongst them, the average survival rate in their fourth year is of 80%. These are some successful figures that have established Barcelona as one of the most dynamic entrepreneurship hubs in Europe.

Another pioneering aspect of Barcelona Activa is the support to women entrepreneurs. 30 years ago it promoted female entrepreneurship through the ODAME program, which has turned into the Women Entrepreneurs School and keeps working to reduce gender inequality in decision-makers positions.

This specific programme is one of the many included services in the current offer of Barcelona Activa to help you set-up a business in Barcelona. It’s a diverse programme, both in the sectors and publics, which has resulted in an inclusive entrepreneurship model recognised by the European Comission. Moreover, throughout these decades, it has meant the creation of 22,300 new companies.

Barcelona Activa’s commitment to invigorate Barcelona’s economy doesn’t limit to entrepreneurship. It also presents a wide offer of resources in employment politics, support to already established companies and social and solidarity economy initiatives. Only in 2016 the Business Support Office helped over 9,500 companies, which means a rise of 60% compared with the previous year.

If you want to know how Barcelona Activa can help you out as an entrepreneur, or developing your business or professional career in Barcelona, check out their website and discover all the resources at your disposal. This is the first step to make your business goals in Barcelona a reality.